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Freie Fachoberschule Leipzig

  • Focussed on learning and achieving

  • State-acknowledged technical college certificate

  • Part of the Graphisches Viertel campus

  • About us

  • Ready to study and work

    The Freie Fachoberschule Leipzig is suited to anyone who wishes to attain the state-acknowledged technical college certificate in the space of one or two years and thereby unlock opportunities at all technical colleges in Germany. Students wishing to apply for the two-year training courses must at least have a secondary school certificate (Realschulabschluss), and for the one-year courses a relevant vocational qualification.

  • The curriculum includes excursions and projects.

    The curriculum includes excursions and projects.

    Internationally humanistic

    The Freie Fachoberschule Leipzig offers intensive preparation for further study and the world of work. We have been combining modern teaching methods with an affirmation of European humanism and international horizons for 25 years.

  • We have been at our new campus at Inselstr. 20 since late 2016.

    We have been at our new campus at Inselstr. 20 since late 2016.

    Spacious and central

    The right environment is key to educational success. That is why we offer bright, friendly classrooms and generous corridors, which provide a positive and pleasant environment for intensive learning.

  • Information at a glance


    • Business & administration

    • Technology

    • Health & social care

    • Design

    • 1-year or 2-year training courses

    • Support in class 11

    • Practice-relevant work experience

    • Participation in projects and competitions


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  • Karl-Liebknecht / Kurt-Eisner Straße 60
  • Karl-Liebknecht / Kurt-Eisner Straße 74
  • Haltestelle MDR S4, S6, S3
  • Karl-Liebknecht/ Kurt-Eisner Straße 10, 11
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