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Freie Grundschule Clara Schumann in Leipzig

  • Full-day schooling

  • Focus on music/art

  • String orchestra

  • Patron: Prof. Dr. Udo Zimmermann

  • About us

  • Learning and music

    The Freie Grundschule Clara Schumann pursues a comprehensive approach to education, with a particular focus on music and art. In addition to the traditional subjects, all pupils also attend lessons in certain conceptual artistic disciplines, such as elementary music, choir, dance and drama.

  • We enjoy working together

    We enjoy working together

    Full-day schooling

    Our school wishes to encourage children’s creative artistic and social talents in a holistic manner. In an establishment offering full-day schooling, the activities and relaxation phases take place at a single location, which makes it easier to appreciate contexts and offers a calmer learning environment.

  • View into Clara and Robert Schumann’s house

    View into Clara and Robert Schumann’s house

    A building with history

    The building located at Inselstraße 18 was erected in the 19th century and was the home of musicians and composers Clara and Robert Schumann. It has a calm atmosphere both inside and out. Its open-plan structure gives the impression of a garden city and thus offers the perfect environment for full-day schooling.

  • Information at a glance


    • Full-day schooling with school, after-school club and music school open from 6:30am until 6pm

    • Focus on music/art

    • Choir

    • Dance

    • Theatre

    • String orchestra

    • Individual offerings for deepening knowledge and promoting talent

    • Foreign languages

    • More than 80 clubs

    • Close cooperation with all units on campus


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Stops nearby:

Stops nearby:
  • Johannisplatz 4, 7, 12, 15
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