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IB World School Campus im Stift Neuzelle

  • IB Diploma Programme

  • Boarding School

  • Located about 100 km from Berlin

  • About Us

  • International Baccalaureate Mission

    The IB organization was founded in 1968 toward the objective of an international education which strives its students to become life-long learners and caring and inquiring citizens who help society become more just and inclusive.

  • IB Diploma Programme

    IB Diploma students undergo an intensive university-preparatory programme which challenges their perspectives. They are encouraged to live open-minded and principled, to become effective communicators, and critically reflect on all knowledge. Our educators cultivate a positive learning environment in which practical application, problem-solving, independence, and peer-review take center stage.

  • Boarding at Campus im Stift

    When you board on our campus im Stift Neuzelle, you become fully immersed in an international student body and quickly adapt to a university-like experience. Boarders have ample opportunity to travel out of Neuzelle to neighbouring cities including Cottbus, Frankfurt/Oder, and Berlin, each equipped with universities of national recognition and libraries to which IB Diploma students are introduced in academic workshops.

  • Did you say "Monastery"?

    Yes we did! The monastery in Neuzelle dates back to the 13th century. The "Baroque marvel of Brandenburg" is among the most significant artistic treasures in the state. As one of the few completely preserved abbey complexes in Europe, the Cistercian monastery to the south of Frankfurt/Oder offers a unique blend of architecture, culture and (garden) art. The church is an iconic view from afar, located directly adjacent the school.

  • Information at a glance

    • Six courses in two languages

    • Individualized support with a 1:1 teacher-student ratio

    • Multicultural environment with more than 10 spoken languages

    • School library with literature in several languages, seminar room and computers

    • Well equipped classrooms, student laptops and science labs


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