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Educational Concept

Rahn Schulen Kairo

  • Modern pedagogy meets traditional values

    As an independent and non-profit educational institution with German roots, we combine modern education with traditional values ​​and virtues. The Rahn Schulen Cairo encourage students to develop their personal, social and academic skills and talents. The young people acquire skills for a happy and fulfilling life with high sensitivity and responsibility for themselves and their environment with us. We want to ensure that the pupils realize gender equality, tolerance of religious and cultural differences and resolve conflicts peacefully.

    We focus on a holistic promotion of motor, cognitive, affective, linguistic and social skills – linked to independent learning. The age-appropriate opportunities for development of talents, creativity and creative thinking is the focus of our educational activities.

    Classes are accompanied by their class teacher and kindergarten groups by supervisors, who take care of all the needs of children and pupils. At the beginning of grade 5 we strengthened over to specialized teaching, to prepare them to complete the school education successfully Very important: The education of children in school is not possible without teamwork between school and home.

  • Intercultural dialogue

    The declared objective of education in our schools

    The promotion of intercultural dialogue is a declared objective of education in our schools. In Cairo, we pursue a meeting concept that combines the German language and the Egyptian curriculum.

    In coeducational classes with students of different cultural and religious backgrounds, the students experience together an enrichment through cultural diversity. For all learners with different religious background, we offer in school Christian and Islamic religious education.

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