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  • Our Kindergarten

    Musical and artistic profile for the little ones

    Our kindergarten with preschool promotes the education and development process of your children. They learn from each other, with each other – especially in groups, whereby the group process complements the familiar experience space: The learning progress of one child improve the learning potential of the other child.

    The special feature of our kindergarten is its musical and artistic profile. Here music in the form of sounds, harmonies, vocals and rhythms is offered and calls already apparent in the youngest enthusiastic reactions like hopping, singing or clapping.

    It is of great importance that the elementary musical education is linked to the daily routine of the children in a natural way. The music and dance teachers are in a good contact with the supervisors. Common songs, verses, games and dances structure the daily routine and are used for different events and other highlights of the year.

    Our musical and artistic profile promotes holistic personality development and has a positive effect. Singing, dancing and making music, playing and exploring all of these features are useful for future life.

  • The educational concept

    The games are of particularly important for learning. While playing children can be taught a lot without noticing that and making mistakes. Play brings joy and leads to success. For this reason we call the game as a methodical way in kindergarten and also in the adjoining primary school.

    The children of our group experienced playing and learning content from the following areas:

    • Singing and speaking
    • Poving and dancing
    • Listen to music and overhear sounds
    • Pearn musical instruments
    • Play instruments and explore the body as an instrument
    • Scenic showing
    • Create and handling of materials and colors

    In addition to arts education, the language ability of children is particularly encouraged, next to the German language children start with English and Arabic. The use of the German language is practiced through the use in everyday life and playing. The same applies for all other languages.

    The reading and writing skills in a playful way in German, Arabic and English in kindergarten are intensified during the second half of preschool. The early literacy learning helps to promote the possibilities of independent learning and ease the transition to first grade.

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