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Music School

Rahn Schulen Kairo

  • New educational offer at the campus of our Rahn Schulen Kairo

    Since the beginning of the school year 2015/2016 we have been extending our educational offer with the “School of music and arts”, which we are very proud of. There, interested children, young and grown-up people get the opportunity to take part in music and dance lessons. Our employees are highly qualified and well-experienced music teachers, the education of whom was quite curriculum-focused on the “Verband deutscher Musikschulen e.V.”. In addition to their function as teachers they are actively making music and are well experienced in presentations on stage as well.

  • The educational concept of our music and art school

    Individual development leads our students with joy of making music to successful learning. Our experienced teachers lead pupils to the subject through encouraging them by hearing, understanding and imitation. The focuses of our musical and artistic work are:

    • The promotion and preservation of music and dance skills in children, adolescents and adults
    • The arts Broad education and gifted education
    • Playing together various instruments and different musical styles
  • In the music and art school Cairo following instruments can be learned at the time:


    • Violin, Viola
    • Cello
    • Double bass
    • Guitar
    • Oud


    • Flute
    • Clarinet
    • Saxophone
    • Trombone


    • Piano

    Percussion instruments:

    • Percussion (drums)
  • The program of music and art school Cairo includes the following courses:

    Music education: 
    The early music education is intended for preschoolers and promotes a general musical experience. The point is not to learn notes or specifically an instrument, but also to create playful experimentation, improvisation joy of singing, dancing and drawing to music. In addition to the specific musical lessons the general educational goals must be achieved, such as promoting civic awareness, language education, improving motor skills, promoting the ability to concentrate and overall creativity.

    Mother-child course:
    In mother-child course children experience with their parents playful music. They will be dancing together, playing and singing. The aim is both to promote parental bonding, as well as to encourage playing together within the family. Also to recognize the early child's personality. This course is also advised for children with developmental deficits or disabilities.

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