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Studienkolleg of Rahn Education in Halle

  • Studienkolleg of Rahn Education

    If you have graduated the school abroad and your school-leaving certificate is not recognized as equivalent to the Abitur, you can generally study in Germany! In many cases the school-leaving certificates from schools abroad are not sufficient to apply directly to universities in Germany. At our Studienkolleg of Rahn Education we prepare you in 12-18 months for the assessment test, which afford you the study everywhere in Germany. The Academic Focus Courses at our Studienkolleg match many majors for example technology, engineering, informatics and economy.

  • Our aim is

    that our graduates can study successfully at German colleges and universities. The courses at the Studienkolleg are designed to meet the language, specialized, and methodical requirements.

    Our courses are addressed mainly to university applicants with unrecognized school-leaving certificates from abroad. The assessment test at the end of the course (Feststellungsprüfung) enables the students to study at German universities. The courses start twice yearly in October and April.

    The Studienkolleg of Rahn Education is not offering German language courses for beginners. The teaching language in the Academic Focus Course is German. Therefore, at least level A2 in German language is required to apply for the Studienkolleg. The certificate of A2 is to be presented by submitting the application for Studienkolleg.

  • Start and end dates

    The start and end dates are determined by the central regulations for Studienkolleg in the state of Saxony-Anhalt as well as by the central examination dates of the assessment tests (FSP) in June and December of each calendar year.

    According to our planning, every six months a new course will start.

    The preparation course begins in such a way that the subsequent attendance of the selected specialization course is possible if the exam is passed successfully.

    The specialization courses end at the end of each month of the central FSP dates. Based on the duration of the specialization courses, the following start and end dates apply for 2022


    Year 2022

    1. semester

    2. semester

    Specialization course
    T- or W-Kurs

    starts April 2022

    starts mid of August

    Specialization course
    T- or W-Kurs

    starts October 2022

    starts mid of Feb. 2023


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