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Rahn Education’s nurseries place particular emphasis on music and art. Music, creativity and having fun with movement as promoted by elementary music teaching are key to our work. We aim to show children that learning is a positive experience and to help them to gain self-confidence from their growing abilities.

Kindertagesstätte am Spreebogen in Fürstenwalde

Wide range of activities, early and playful familiarisation with English, healthy diet and numerous musical activities supporting all children’s interests – that is what makes the Am Spreebogen nursery special.

  • Focus on music/art

  • English lessons for children aged 4 and up

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Kindertagesstätte Musikus in Leipzig

The Musikus nursery offers plenty of space for creative development. Through our focus on music and art, children are encouraged to explore and gain initial experience in their creative talents and social abilities.

  • Focus on music/art

  • Qualified music and creativity teachers

  • Talent-focused activities and rooms

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Kindertagesstätte Notenzwerge in Berlin

Movement, social skills and elementary music teaching make the Notenzwerge nursery a place where individual talents can be experienced in a playful way. The children thus develop social skills in an international atmosphere from an early age.

  • Movement, art and music teaching

  • Multicultural environment

  • Functional spaces for creative development

  • open from 6:30am to 5:30pm

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Kindertagesstätte Tarsius in Leipzig

The Tarsius nursery encourages curiosity and the children’s natural desires to move and explore. Our team of experienced nursery teachers fulfils this role thanks to the broad range of workshops for exploration and creativity, reading corners, play levels and garden areas.

  • Learning as a holistic experience in movement

  • Encouraging social skills

  • Broad range of opportunities to learn

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Kindertagesstätte Friedemann Bach in Halle

We are currently planning to open a nursery focussing on music and art with bilingual elements for around 130 children from birth in the centre of Halle (Saale), right next to the Botanic Garden.

  • Focus on music/art

  • Bilingual elements

  • Large garden, lots of special features

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Kindertagesstätte Spreeklang Fürstenwalde

We are planning to build a new nursery focussing on music and art and offering 110 places for children from 1 year of age in the centre of Fürstenwalde, within walking distance of the station.

  • Focus on music/art

  • New building with generous outdoor space

  • Large movement room

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Rahn Schulen Kairo

Music, art and human values: The educational concept "Made in Germany" for Cairo The pedagogical basis for the work in our kindergartens and primary schools in Germany, Europe and the Rahn Schulen Cairo is the musical-artistic education concept. This proven concept "Made in Germany", we continue in our secondary schools. A further guarantee of our success: In the Rahn Schulen Cairo all the subjects are taught under German Curriculum of Brandenburg. We have a more than 25 years of experience in the field of management and education in Egypt, and the quality of our work is certified!

  • Kindergarten

  • Class Level 1-12

  • GIB Diploma Programme

  • Music School

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