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What we can offer.

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Rahn Education’s Graphisches Viertel campus is situated right at the centre of Leipzig’s beating heart. This is not only where Rahn Education’s headquarters are located, the campus also provides end-to-end education – from nursery right up to university entrance exams (Abitur) at the grammar school or vocational diploma (Fachabitur) at the college of further education.

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Musikalisch-Sportliches Gymnasium in Leipzig

The grammar school with a particular focus on music and sport is located on the Graphisches Viertel campus in Leipzig, and offers, in addition to the main subjects, specialist teaching in a combination of sport, foreign languages and music/art activities, enabling pupils to develop their individual talents.

  • Focus on music/sport

  • Full-day schooling

  • Intensive courses

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Musik- und Kunstschule Clara Schumann Leipzig

At the Musik- und Kunstschule Clara Schumann Leipzig, the personal approach, allowing pupils to make a decisive contribution to lesson plans is combined with first-class musical education and the fostering of individual talents.

  • Individual support

  • Broad range of music teaching

  • Part of the Graphisches Viertel campus

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Kindertagesstätte Tarsius in Leipzig

The Tarsius nursery encourages curiosity and the children’s natural desires to move and explore. Our team of experienced nursery teachers fulfils this role thanks to the broad range of workshops for exploration and creativity, reading corners, play levels and garden areas.

  • Learning as a holistic experience in movement

  • Encouraging social skills

  • Broad range of opportunities to learn

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Kindertagesstätte Musikus in Leipzig

The Musikus nursery offers plenty of space for creative development. Through our focus on music and art, children are encouraged to explore and gain initial experience in their creative talents and social abilities.

  • Focus on music/art

  • Qualified music and creativity teachers

  • Talent-focused activities and rooms

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Freie Oberschule Leipzig

The Freie Oberschule Leipzig develops abilities, skills and talents and promotes self-confidence and creativity in our young people with a wide range of activities. A special feature of our secondary school is the opportunity to study dance.

  • Holistic education

  • Individual support

  • Timetabled dance courses

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Freie Grundschule Clara Schumann in Leipzig

The Freie Grundschule Clara Schumann builds on the musical and artistic approach, encourages social skills and, in particular, offers access to a string orchestra.

  • Full-day schooling

  • Focus on music/art

  • String orchestra

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Freie Fachoberschule Leipzig

At the Freie Fachoberschule Leipzig, students attain their state-acknowledged technical college certificate on the basis of a curriculum that places emphasis on modern teaching methods and humanistic values.

  • Focussed on learning and achieving

  • State-acknowledged technical college certificate

  • Part of the Graphisches Viertel campus

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Daycare in Leipzig

Rahn Education offers 100 places that are shared among 20 carers. Child daycare is a statutory alternative to nursery for children from the age of 9 weeks to 3 years of age. Each of our carers has passed the examination set by the City of Leipzig's Verbund Kommunaler Kinder- und Jugendhilfe (VKKJ) and is in possession of a care licence. Their educational work is based on the curriculum developed by the State of Saxony and on individual plans.

  • Sites across Leipzig

  • Small groups of max. 5 children

  • Individual care

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Campus Café Salomon

  • Fresh meals

  • Kosher

  • Vegetarian & vegan

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Break Art Studios in Leipzig

The renowned dancers of the Break Art Studios dance academy offer children and young people the opportunity to learn urban dance styles such as breakdance, hip hop, popping and house dance in a relaxed atmosphere.

  • Urban dance styles: Breakdance, hip hop, etc.

  • Regular courses, workshops and training

  • Well-structured curricula and renowned dance teachers

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