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Educational Concept

Freies Gymnasium im Stift Neuzelle

  • Focus on the individual

    Interculturalism is not only about language, it is a philosophy and lifestyle based on tolerance, openness and curiosity for new things - all those things that the grammar school in Stift Neuzelle stands for and that we pass on to our students.

    Students from numerous countries study at our humanistic all-day school with a socio-communicative pedagogy in order to develop their linguistic, musical and artistic talents with joy and willingness to learn.

    We offer our students a wide range of foreign languages ​​and artistic activities. In this way, we promote their creativity and self-confidence in all areas of life.

    The teaching of foreign languages ​​as a tool for understanding and overcoming borders is an essential part of our educational concept. But it is not just teaching that motivates us. With our value-oriented, cosmopolitan and holistic educational approach, we strive to assist young people in developing their personality. We encourage and challenge, we demand personal responsibility, we seek dialogue, we outline goals and skills. We thereby aim to fuel the intrinsic motivation of our students, so that by the time they graduate, they will have become self-confident, tolerant and socially competent personalities.

  • An extraordinary campus

    The Stift Neuzelle campus consists of a private grammar school, a secondary school and a boarding school. This structure offers the ideal framework for an intensive community life. Over 80 employees work on grounds with a size of around 4,700 square meters. Here we combine history and modernity by supplementing the historical monastery complex with modern buildings and equipping it with WiFi, interactive boards and language laboratories in order to be able to offer contemporary and project-oriented lessons.

    An important part of the campus is the state-recognized music and art school Clara Schumann, which offers lessons on 13 different instruments as well as singing classes and music theory and supervises two school choirs and the campus choir.

  • International staff

    What is more exciting than experiencing the world? Our full-time school brings the world to Stift Neuzelle by employing experienced educators from eight nations as teaching staff. Our student body is also international, thus creating a truly cosmopolitan campus community.

    In addition to the wide offer of foreign languages in school, we also offer English and German as foreign language in the affiliated language school. At the same time, our campus Stift Neuzelle is an official Cambridge examination center, whose Cambridge certificates levels A1-C2 are recognized by over 20,000 institutions and companies around the world. Thanks to this combination of advanced language teaching and our international focus, our graduates can easily access universities and labor markets abroad.

  • Full-time school

    We offer our students all the advantages of an open full-time school. Our rooms and facilities are accessible for students from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Classes take place in the mornings, afterwards the students can take music lessons or visit supervised or self-organized working groups.

  • Getting a glimpse of the big wide world

    As an international school, we support our students to make their own experiences abroad. As part of exchange programmes and school partnerships, they can test, use and improve their acquired language and social skills.

    One example is the intensive exchange between the campus Stift Neuzelle and the high school in Zielona Góra, Poland. Other partnerships include schools in Russia, Hungary, Oman, England, South Africa, Australia and China – an extensive network which Rahn Education has built over the course of the last 25 years.

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