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Kindertagesstätte am Spreebogen in Fürstenwalde

  • Focus on music/art

  • English lessons

  • Instrument lessons

  • About us

  • Children are allowed to be children

    Children from three years of age are offered a colourful, exciting and valuable experience at the Am Spreebogen nursery in Fürstenwalde. Our trained nursery teachers offer them the opportunity to play together and to learn the skills of social interaction, as well as gather valuable impulses for their time at primary school.

  • Room of the

    Room of the "Waschbären" group

    A space of multiple opportunities

    Positive and suitable rooms have a strong impact on the development of very small children. That is why we are constantly optimising and adjusting our spatial plans in our Am Spreebogen nursery in Fürstenwalde, in order to offer the children new inspiration, whether for play, music, gymnastics or simply in everyday life.

  • We ensure they take regular fruit and vegetable breaks.

    We ensure they take regular fruit and vegetable breaks.

    Diet is everything

    Balanced and high-quality food is the fundamental basis for children to feel happy at the Am Spreebogen nursery in Fürstenwalde. We thus place particular emphasis on selecting the right caterer; after all, a healthy life starts with a healthy diet.

  • Information at a glance


    • Music

    • Language, communication, writing

    • Maths and Science

    • English from 4

    • Singing, dance and rhythm

    • Creativity

    • Social living


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