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About Rahn Education

  • 40 sites

  • Versatile Curricula

  • Non-profit company

For more than 30 years
Approx. 1000 employees
Approx. 7500 children and adults per year
  • Rahn Education has been growing continuously for more than 30 years

    and has become an important provider of education services. Around 1000 employees offer daycare, school teaching, vocational training and further education to around 7500 children and adults each year at a total of 40 institutions in Germany and abroad.

    Over the years, it has been proven that quality is the key to success in the long term, not least in the education sector, and in particular in an educational landscape that is currently undergoing a sea-change. Maintaining our flexibility is more important to us than achieving fast growth; we need to adjust to constantly changing political frameworks and to the new demands of our target groups. The passion with which we pursue our educational goals is embedded in the corporate structure and culture of a medium-sized company which we are convinced will ensure that our efforts can be sustained in the long term. Rahn Education’s activities are coordinated from the head office, which is located on the Graphisches Viertel campus in Leipzig.


Rahn Education Salomonstraße 10
04103 Leipzig
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