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  • Rahn Education Group


    Rahn Education is a medium-sized enterprise with about 1000 employees at 40 establishments in Germany and abroad. Almost 7500 children and adults are currently enrolled at one of our units. Behind this broad range of educational activities is an organizational structure comprising various operating companies and affiliated institutions, which we would like to introduce to you in the following:

Geschäftsführung & Zentralverwaltung

  • Gotthard Dittrich
    Gotthard Dittrich CEO
  • Sandy Herrmann
    Sandy Herrmann Authorized signatory,
    Manager Department for
    Business Administration
  • Manuela Rauchfuß
    Manuela Rauchfuß Authorized Signatory,
    Head of Human Resources
  • Grit Zorn
    Grit Zorn Authorized Signatory,
    Controlling &
    Management committee RDG Stiftung
  • Katja Follner
    Katja Follner Head of Recruiting
  • Anke Salesch
    Anke Salesch Assistant to CEO
  • Anastasia Gette
    Anastasia Gette Assistant to CEO
  • Angela Werner
    Angela Werner Front Office
  • Anna Seyfarth
    Anna Seyfarth Front Office
  • Frances Meißner
    Frances Meißner Front Office
  • Anja Ledwoch
    Anja Ledwoch Teamleader Department
    for Business Administration
  • Julia Du Chesne
    Julia Du Chesne Employee Department
    for Business Administration
  • Jeannette Pilz
    Jeannette Pilz Employee Accounting
  • Heike Wielsch
    Heike Wielsch Employee Accounting
  • Jeannette Fink
    Jeannette Fink Employee Accounting
  • Sarah Simon
    Sarah Simon Employee Accounting
  • Claudia Lange
    Claudia Lange Employee Accounting
  • Steven Arndt
    Steven Arndt Employee Accounting
  • Kerstin Lickefett-Müller
    Kerstin Lickefett-Müller Employee Department
    for Business Administration
  • Daniel Horn
    Daniel Horn Employee Department
    for Business Administration
  • Ines Heinrich
    Ines Heinrich Teamleader Human Resources/Accounting
  • Daniela Seidel
    Daniela Seidel Employee Human Resources/
  • Julia Jurczek
    Julia Jurczek Employee Human Resources/ Accounting
  • Alexander Stange
    Alexander Stange Employee Payroll Accounting
  • Ramona Neidhardt
    Ramona Neidhardt Employee Payroll Accounting
  • Robin Ide
    Robin Ide Project Management
  • Tommy Freitag
    Tommy Freitag Project Management Catering
    National and International
  • Dr. Felix Papenhagen
    Dr. Felix Papenhagen Speaker Schools Management
  • Tabea Dörr
    Tabea Dörr Speaker Schools Management
  • Sabine Lucks
    Sabine Lucks Specialist Consultant
    Daycare Facility for Children
  • Annika Trümper
    Annika Trümper Child Day Care Leipzig
  • Inis Räuscher
    Inis Räuscher Secretary RDG-Stiftung
  • Katja Schneider
    Katja Schneider Teamleader Communication Department
  • Birgit Lindermayr
    Birgit Lindermayr Press Officer
  • Stephanie Noack
    Stephanie Noack Social Media Manager
  • Melina Friedrichs
    Melina Friedrichs Graphic Designer
  • Christin Günther
    Christin Günther Manager Alumni Association
  • Mario Guth
    Mario Guth Special Forces
  • Kerstin Kriebisch
    Kerstin Kriebisch Cleaning Person

Operating companies

  • Dr. P. Rahn & Partner Schulen in freier
    Trägerschaft gemeinnützige Schulgesellschaft mbh

    The non-profit education company operates all schools and nurseries belonging to the Rahn Education Group in Germany.

  • Wirtschaftsakademie Dr. P. Rahn & Partner GmbH

    The Wirtschaftsakademie acts as contractor to the German Federal Labour Ministry (Bundesagentur für Arbeit) and offers vocational training and further education.

  • Europejska fundacja oswiaty i kultury

    The Polish foundation operates the three schools located in Zielona Gora in Poland. It also runs the Goethe-Institut’s official examination centre in the Lubusz Province.


  • Rahn Schulen Kairo Ltd.

    The nursery and two schools in Cairo are operated by Rahn Schulen Kairo Ltd. The company is also responsible for operating the Deutsche Musikschule Kairo, the most recent addition to the Rahn Education Group.


  • Rahn Education Schweizer Schulen gemeinnützige AG

    The company, which has its registered office in Zurich, forms the organisational framework required in order to be able to develop future education projects in the field of foreign Swiss schooling.


Affiliated institutions

  • Europäische Stiftung der Rahn Dittrich Group für Bildung und Kultur

    Foundation for promoting education, art, culture and intercultural communication.


  • Immobilien Radi gbr

    Company owning and advising on creating and managing nurseries and schools for Rahn Education


  • Educado Servicegesellschaft mbh

    Provider of education-related services, such as leasing, catering, administration and event management.


  • LIPS Flugdienst

    Flying school and provider of individual business flights at Halle/Oppin


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