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Based on the principle that "Education is learning for life", Rahn Education has established a centre of learning in Gröningen which in future will unite a primary school, a secondary school, a grammar school and vocational training courses – the Börde campus. This unique vision, situated in northern Saxony-Anhalt was made possible thanks to the active support of and close consultation with the municipality of Westliche Börde.

Freies Gymnasium Gröningen

The Freies Gymnasium Gröningen pursues a holistic educational approach placing particular emphasis on interaction between teacher and pupil in structuring the school day and on individual support.

  • Holistic teaching approach

  • Group and project work

  • Individual support

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Freie Sekundarschule Gröningen

The Freie Sekundarschule Gröningen offers teaching based on ethical principles, encouraging individual responsibility and respect for values such as politeness, dedication, punctuality, tolerance and order.

  • Holistic approach

  • Value orientation

  • Individual support

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Berufsbildungszentrum Gröningen

The vocational training centre (Berufsbildungszentrum) in Gröningen offers vocational training and further education in the metal processing, building and ancillary building trades. We also offer special courses for young people from a migrant background and literacy programmes.

  • Vocational training and further education

  • Courses, seminars, training, coaching

  • Careers assistance for young people

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Search: Here you can easily find the right educational offer

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